Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some Secrets For Reading Female Body Language

Some Secrets For Reading Female Body Language

Women are not the mysterious creatures that legend would have us believe. Yes, it unfathomable taste in music and have an inexplicable habit of crying at Sandra Bullock movies, but when it comes to sex and dating their thought processes are surprisingly simple.

And with a little practice you can learn to read their thoughts.

You see, women body language always gives them away. You can try to play it cool, but if you know what you are looking for their interest in you is always glaring obvious.

So, here are eight characters body language is important to:

First self-Noticed

She and the little cutie can not have changed one word to each other, but if she is interested in you, they will soon make clear. If they laugh a little louder than necessary, and dance are wild, while looking in your direction? Did she keep going past your table, if it is not obvious on the way to anywhere she needs to go? And she has completely fail to make eye contact when she passes away? Yes? Congratulations - they try to catch your attention!

Eyebrow Flash

If you go over and introduce yourself, look for a brief increase in the eyebrows. Most emotions are expressed in the face, and joy, it is no different - if a girl is happy to see you is, her eyebrows upward flick involuntarily.

Bright Eyes

If anyone is interested, what will you have to say, their focus shifts rhythmically between the left eye and right side. If they want to, the flicking of the eyes gets faster, and they start stinging eyes on the mouth, wondering whether they have the courage to kiss you have. They have also stopped and stared over their shoulders - because they know that no one other room, she prefers to speak.

Playing with herself

If a chick is interest in you, they will begin trying to draw your attention to what she or her most sexy female parts of the view draw. In general, they will start playing with her hair, but you may also notice she puts her finger over her chest, begins stroking her thigh, or stroking her own face while she listens to you. Be careful - not only is she subconsciously tell you she is interested, it is also so that you know exactly where she likes to be touched!

Playing With You

Girls literally not the fingers of men they fancy! If they emphasize their points by pressing with the fingers on the arm or hand, or inventing excuses to either or tousle your hair tidy starts, you know for sure that you're in there!

Getting Closer

If a girl is really into you, she'll her knees towards you point and twist their shoulders so they compared to you. By efficiently backs turned towards the less interesting people in the room, so it is clear that they would like to be alone with you.

Mirroring Your Moves

If you find that you raise your drinks at the same time or simultaneously, you hit your legs or straightening your hair, you know, you have made a connection. Acting in sync with each other shows that you are completely on each other and where the conversation can focus on leading.

And finally ... You see the lips

I speak here not only smiling, even though it is a very good sign of course! Your lips, you can do so much more to tell. If she bites, she gently stroked or moisten when she plays it with her mouth, because they imagine what else they could do with him - and what could it be, do you!